Activimetrics offers consulting and custom software development related to transportation systems analysis, planning, policy development, and any areas where our in-house expertise can bring value.

James Marca

James Marca is a founding member of Activimetrics. He has over 15 years of experience in applying research to solve transportation challenges. His interests include studying the applications of information and communications technologies to transportation; discovering new applications for existing data streams; collecting real-time vehicle telematics using wireless communications systems; and how communications technology can lead to travel patterns and urban forms that are more sustainable.

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Craig Rindt

Craig Rindt is a founding member of Activimetrics. He has a Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering for his work in travel behavior modeling and transportation systems management using intelligent transportation systems technology. His recent research has emphasized the use of advanced communications and ubiquitous computing technology for improving transportation system performance.

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Open data and models

We are strong believers in the power of open models, data, and code to more rapidly advance the state of the art. Our work is available on github.



Academic provides an organized approach to documenting, linking, and referencing resources. Just like research, the application is decentralized by design, but enables users to share their work with known peers. Our initial application in the civic space is to target collecting metadata, usage tips, and examples for open data sources.

Work Zone Information

Our work zone information concept applies the eventually consistent, highly available data model to the problem of transportation information---in this case, the problem of maintaining and distributing workzone information.

Design and Development

Whether you're facing transportation's "big data" challenges or you simply need a visualization tool for data you've already organized, Activimetrics has the talent and experience to rapidly design, develop, and deploy standalone solutions or components for integration with larger systems.


With over 25 years of combined experience conducting research, research evaluation, and research deployment, Activimetrics principals can offer new insights to challenges in the transportation domain and beyond.

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